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Marios - Email From Greece

Dear Hassan good morning and happy new year...

I'm sorry, but this is the first e-mail I got from you, so sorry for not replying...
We got home all right, everything was excellent and within a couple of days my blog of my trip is going up on my website (which has more than 25,000 hits a month) and you (and the agency) feature prominently there as highly recommended (I will send you the link so you can see).
I have, of course, not forgotten about the introduction I promised, I just didn't have the time to do it, as work has been murder here!  I'm so busy that I'm only now completing some projects which begun before Christmas.  I will do so as soon as possible and get back to you. 
Thanks again for everything

Barbara - Email : from Switzerland

Hello Hassan
Thank you for your kind mail. Yes I have reached Switzerland safely and everthing is OK. I would like to thank you again for your excellent organization of the trip. And with Aziz we had the most kind and considerate driver we could have wished, please let him know. Life is going on again for us here in Switzerland and I hope there will be a next time for me in Marocco "inshallah".
Best regards

Jon & Stephanie - Email : From Unated Kingdom

Dear Hassan,

Yes, we arrived home (after a stop in Paris for 3 days) just fine.
I then had to leave on a business I am delayed in writing you back.
I guess my first comment is that we loved the trip to Morocco. The people, the places, what we saw. It was all much better even than we expected.
We liked all the arrangements that you made.
I will now make some specific that you have some feedback from us (I hope that my English is clear to you and not confusing).
Mustaphah was excellent (though I wish his English was a little better, but we will have to work on that).
The local guides that you arranged were all excellent. In Fez, Driss was outstanding....I recommend you continue to use him whenever possible.
Mohamad in the Gorge and Palmery was wonderful....a wonderful person to talk to and spend a few hours with. He was very personable .. a real plus.

But everyone was excellent.

Trisha -Email : from Unated States of America

Hello Hassan,
First of all let me tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you.  It was such a treat for me as I felt I already knew you!
I arrived home safely and very tired.  I was a long trip from Marrakech to my home.  Took 40 hours.  Long sad hours as I did not like leaving my second country.
I fell in love with Morocco!  You and my two Mohameds made that happen.  You planned the perfect trip and the two Mohameds executed to perfection.  Mohamed Amraoui's love for his country and his heritage comes through loud and clear.  He is so proud to share all his knowledge with anyone who will listen.  It does not hurt that he is very out going!  I met many people who did not have a good experience and whose guide did not speak English and could not tell them anything.   I am sorry for them!  But blessed to have chosen your company.
I will tell you again that the two Mohameds are a great team.  There is nothing they did not know when I asked questions and we certainly did not get lost in the desert.  At least I don't think we did!!  Mohamed the driver tried to convince me he did not speak any English, but he certainly was at the end of our trip.  Unfortunately I offended him when I went to give him a hug.  I felt really bad.  It was not written in any of my research not to hug a conservative Islam.
I am getting way off track.  My experience was the best ever.  I fell in love with Morocco and it's people.  I had so many wonderful encounters and felt so welcome every where I went.  I loved the food and was not ill for a moment.  This surprised many of my friends here. 
I have some mobility issues and the 2 Mohameds made every effort to be accomodating to my issues.  They are the best! 
I will definately be back.  The desert calls to me!  The people call to me! 
And so my friend, I thank you so much for your part in giving me one of the greatest holidays of my life!!!

With great fondness and sincerity

ps when waitng in airports and talking to people, when they heard I had been in Morocco, I gave them your email address and name...with great pleasure. 
I have to tell you I never felt like a client.  I felt like a friend being shown your country!

I think my daughter and her family are very interested in coming but have already made vacation plans for this year.  I will do my best to let my friends know to contact you.  My brothers and sisters are the travelers.  Not so much my friends.  But for now, know that I am your strongest supporter and will advertise your company. 


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